June 7-10 2019



Her kan du få et gensyn med de tre første placerede ved DM 2018 på Broholm.



In the next three years, the Danish Championships in dressage and para dressage will be held in the top professional and international convention venues at Equitour Denmark. For the past 15 years, Danish championships in dressage has been beautifully arranged in the beautiful frames at Broholm Castle in Gudme, but the need for larger and better sporting frames has increased, and therefore it has been decided that the Danish Championships in dressage, the Danish Championships in para dressage and the Agria DRF U25 dressage championship over the next three years will be held at the top-notch facilities in Uggerhalne.

Top professional championship framework

There have been three applicants for the hosting of the dressage championships over the next three years, and it has not been an easy decision for the Dressage Committee, which has processed the applications and made the final recommendation for the awarding of the championships.

"There are three highly qualified organizers who have invited the championships, and everyone has had good things to offer, and we would like to say a big thank you. The fact that the election has fallen on Equitour Denmark is largely due to the fact that these are optimal sports facilities of international excellence. It is important to us that our riders and horses get the best possible conditions to be able to exercise and show the sport. We would like to send a big praise to Broholm, who for 15 years has given the championships fantastic frames and atmosphere. We now hope that riders, audiences and Equitour Denmark together can create new traditions and fantastic sporting experiences, ”says Per Nielsen, chairman of the Dressage Committee.

Defending Danish champion is pleased

For the past three years, the Danish championship in dressage has been resting on Cathrine's shoulders, and all three years the gold has come into the house with Atterupgaard's Cassidy at Broholm. Next year the tour then goes to Uggerhalne, where the championship must be defended.

“Broholm is a top class scene, and it has been great to be part of the adventure at Broholm and be allowed to ride for the fantastic audience. Our sport is tough and the competition both at home and abroad becomes sharper and sharper. So it is important for the sport that we get the best possible framework to compete in on home ground, because it sharpen us even more when we are out. I have ridden in Uggerhalne, and I have no doubt that here we get optimal conditions for Danish Campionships. I know there is a long way to North Jutland, but I really hope that the audience will take the trip up there and contribute to creating a new and unique championship story - then we will probably deliver the top sport, ”says reigning Danish champion Cathrine Dufour.

Equitour ready for the task

The big championship event is held in the week 23 and Monday week 24 2019, and in Uggerhalne they are looking forward to the awarding of the championships and are ready to take on the task.

“Broholm has been synonymous with Danish Championships in dressage, and we have great respect for the work Anne Lütken and her staff have put into creating a unique audience event. It is a great heritage to have to promise, but we are ready for the task, and we are sure that we can deliver the sporting framework that so much a championship event requires. Together with the practitioners and the audience, our goal is to create new and strong traditions in a setting that provides the best opportunities for supporting Danish dressage and para dressage. We know that for some of the audience, the trip to experience the Danish Championships will be considerably longer than before, and therefore we also focus on creating good audience experiences and, for example, offering free camping opportunities next year. The audience is a big part of creating a successful championship event, and we hope that many will want to come to Uggerhalne and join in, ”says Jens Trabjerg, director of Equitour Denmark.

The Championship competition will include the Danish Championships in dressage for seniors, Danish Championships in para dressage and the Agria DRF championship in dressage for the U25 as well as several other classes. Equitour Denmark has four competition courts, four heating courses and two indoor courts, as well as accommodation and public facilities in international class.


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